Closure of the conference

Thank all the participants for being at Trois-Rivières for this weekend. We were pleased to welcome you to talk about a variety of mathematical subjects. We hope to meet all of you at the next Quebec university that will host the next ISM conference.

XXe Colloque panquébécois

The purpose of this annual conference is to bring together, for a weekend, graduate students from the province of Quebec enrolled in mathematical sciences’ programs.  This year, the symposium will be held at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, from 12 to 14 may 2017. Everyone is invited to register and to present his or her work or a topic that they are passionate about.


Students Presentations

Students’ presentations, lasting 20 minutes, are an ideal opportunity to learn about the work of your peers. They will cover a wide range of topics ranging from combinatorics to financial and physical mathematics. The presentations are welcomed either in french or in english. The sessions will be interupted by plenary lectures of young and passionate researchers.

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Fondamental Mathematics

Fondamental Mathematics are locally practical, but globally intended to mathematical researches for reasons other than practical application.

Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics are a branch of mathematics that focuses on applications of mathematical knowledge to other fields.

Financial Mathematics

Financial Mathematics are a branch of Applied Mathematics aimed at modeling, quantifying and understanding the phenomena governing financial operations.


Statistics are the study of data collection, its analysis, its processing, interpretation of results and its presentation in order to make data comprehensible to all.

Didactics of Mathematics

Didactics of Mathematics concern the integration of concepts in the classroom to improve the learning process.

Mathematical Physics

Mathematical Physics are a branch of mathematics that studies physical problems with the riguor of mathematicians.

Plenary speakers



Organizing committee

Pierre-Olivier Parisé

President of the committee

Alexandra Haedrich

Co-ordinator ISM

Laury-Danielle Brassard

Guillaume Brouillette

Julien de Carufel

Nancy Dufresne

Mathilde Loiselle Davidson

Alexandre Ouellet

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