May 12-14 2017

Deadline to submit a talk

May 7th 2017


Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

3351, boulevard des Forges
Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A 5H7

More precisely at the Michel Sarrazin building :

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières


Conference schedule

The conference schedule will be posted one week before the event.

The detailed schedule in PDF is now available : Schedule-abstracts.

17h00 – 17h45
Subscriptions of the participants

17h45 – 18h00
Word of welcome

18h00 – 19h00
Plenary talk

19h15 – 22h00
Beer and Sausage

8h00 – 9h00
fluffy breakfast

9h00 – 9h55
Student talks

10h00 – 10h10

10h15 – 11h15
Plenary talk

11h20 – 12h15
Student talks

12h15 – 13h30

13h30 – 15h20
Student talks
break time at 14h20 (10min)

15h20 – 15h50
break snack

16h00 – 17h00
Plenary talk

Gambrinus activity dinner (at cost of the participants)

8h00 – 9h00
Fluffy breakfast

9h00 – 11h10
Student talks
break at 10h00 (10min)

11h15 – 12h15
Plenary talk

Closing word

En of activities

Restaurant Gambrinus

Saturday night Restaurant

This activity is to the cost of the participants.

This restaurant is a friendly place where we meet on saturday night for dinner. To book the correct number of places, please fill in the subscription form and say “yes” or “no” for the Gambrinus.

Go visit the website of this restaurant if you want more details about the dishes and beers offered by this microbrewery.

Here are more restaurants and ressources : restaurant_andmore

Gîtes Universitaires

Résidences Universitaires

50 $ per night for a room in an apartment

175$ per night for a complete apartement

Residences’ choice for the ISM colloquium at UQTR

The period for asking a room to the organizing committee is now over.

You can book on your own by visiting the website of the Gîtes Universitaires.


Here you have some information about the places where you can rest in Trois-Rivières.

Michel-Sarazin Residences

You can mention, in the registration form, if you want a room in the residences. If you want an idea of what type of room you may have, you can visit the university website for residences. The information about the price will come soon.
Link :

Trois-Rivières’ International youth Hostel

Price : 24.35+tx. $C per night
Link :

Days Inn

Price : 95$C per night
Link :

Delta Hotel

Price : 125$C per night
Link :

Hotel du gouverneur

Price : 150$C per night
Link :

Comité organisateur

Pierre-Olivier Parisé

Président du comité organisateur

Alexandra Haedrich

Coordonnatrice ISM

Laury-Danielle Brassard

Guillaume Brouillette

Julien de Carufel

Nancy Dufresne

Mathilde Loiselle Davidson

Alexandre Ouellet

Message au comité organisateur